About company

OÜ Fleibel Group was founded in 2000 and since 2002 the company has developed its own independent production in the mechanical engineering and metallurgical industry spheres.

The development of the company has been fast and most of the profit has been re-invested into production facilities, all of the most important financial indicators have grown.

In 2010 Fleibel Group had a turnover of 2,1 million Eur and 33 employees, also the company invested one million Eur into new machinery.

In 2012 Fleibel Group had a turnover of 3,4 million Eur and 49 employees.

In 2013 Fleibel Group had a turnover of 3,3 million Eur and 56 employees.

In 2014 Fleibel Group had a turnover of 4,0 million Eur and 63 employees.

In 2015 Fleibel Group had a turnover of 3,8 million Eur and 68 employees.

In 2016 Fleibel Group has 70+ employees.

The Fleibel Group has, a 4300m2 production area at Peterburi tee 94A Tallinn. Our employees are well experienced specialists who can fulfill every clients demands.

The Fleibel Group manufactures welded, machined and assembled structures, 20-25% of which are aluminium and stainless steel units and parts. For instance, the Fleibel Group makes the rotating stands and aluminium ladders used in the firefighting vehicles manufactured by Bronto Skylift OY AB.

The keywords for the company development in the near future are speedefficiency, quality and flexibility. The goal of the Fleibel Group is to offer precise and client-focused solutions. We wish to achive prominence in the sphere of mechanical engineering as a reliable and flexible partner. Our clients are offered novel solutions and consistently high-quality products.